Big Sur

After our WFR course came to an end in mid-April, I craved an escape from the desert.  We had no plans for May or June, but I was feeling ready to leave the red rocks, sand, and cactuses that formed our environment for much of March, April, and parts of […]

Mojave: Playing in the sand

After our Wilderness First Responder course in Moab, we returned to Zion with newfound WFR friend and new #homeiswhereyouparkit lifestyle compadre Allison. She and I ran part of the Zion Traverse in a day. We went from the west end at Lee Pass to Zion Canyon, tagging Angel’s Landing on […]

Wilderness First Responders!

I’m covered ankle to waist in red mud over my jeans and shirt. I spent all afternoon pulling patients out of a calf-deep creek, then kneeling in the mud to work on taking vitals and treating insults & injuries. Okay, not a real patient, but rather a scenario in my 10-day Wilderness […]

#Vanlife is more than an Instagram Fantasy

Ed Note: My good friend Hannah is one of the founders of The Renaissance Woman, a project devoted to connecting and supporting women through their varied stories.  She asked me to submit one of my adventures, and I ended up writing a short reflective piece on living in the van.  I’ve reprinted it […]

East Coast Tour

We’ve been a bit absent from the blog for the past two months.  After Thanksgiving in the Seattle area, we began the long drive towards Florida so that I could visit with my best friends, and since then we’ve been on an east coast social tour. #Vanlife has been different than […]

Moab Area – Arches and Canyonlands

  We rolled into Moab, Utah on a Thursday afternoon, and did some much needed work in a café.  Moab feels like a small, rural southwest town, but at the same time has the energy of being an outdoor hub.  It is clearly full of people at all times of […]

Crater Lake & Noodle Soup

We finally disentangled ourselves from the huge, engulfing state of California, all of its mountains and coastline and freeways and sisters and drought. Onwards to Oregon!  We got back on the road, and made it to Crater Lake in six hours.  We biked the Rim Drive (33 miles) around the […]

San Francisco

Joffrey and I transitioned into our urban San Francisco visit easily.  Megan welcomed us into her home and immediately let us shower and use her washing machine and dryer to clean our filthy hiking clothes.   Megan bought us excellent coffees down the street from her home, and we ate […]

Shooting Stars & Small Climbs

Our road trip began smoothly, but after two nights of quietly sleeping at highway rest stops, we were ready for the government-owned lands of the west. Maps showed the sprawling Medicine Bow National Forest encroaching on I-80, and a small chunk of it began shortly after Cheyenne. It was a […]

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