Filling the gaps between the super portable Nebula Capsule and the static Nebula Prizm, Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro takes what makes those products work and runs with it. Choosing the right projector for your needs can be daunting. The difference in native resolution will also affect the display size of these models as the former can only top at 100-inch and the latter is 50-inch larger at 150-inch while still maintaining the image quality. A couple of other bright (and less expensive) solutions are listed below. Quick Charge technology enables Capsule Pro to recharge faster and charge while in use. Second they are capable of casting a huge image size despite the small main machine because even cheap models are going to give you more than 70-80 inch image with a decent quality and those in higher range such as BenQ HT2550 Vs Optoma UHD50 can double or triple the size while still maintaining the details. However, Optoma told us this model was being discontinued. What prevented the P7 from being a budget pick was the user experience: Menu navigation is a bit wonky, the manual focus dial is imprecise, and the remote control is not at all intuitive, with a limited IR window and a bunch of tiny, circular buttons all crammed together. Anker Nebula Capsule: This scaled-down version of the Nebula Mars family is around the size of a tall soda can. In December 2020, Cinemood will release a new version, the Cinemood TV, that is reportedly brighter, faster, and louder and has wireless LTE built in—but it still doesn’t meet the minimum performance specs for consideration in this guide. Learn more. It's a small black box, measuring in at 7 inches (17.8 cm) from back to front and 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) tall. We think you’d be better off with something that has internal apps, automatic focus, and automatic keystoning. Depending on the unit, their features and capabilities are going to be different and it is up to you about which to go with. They are not bright enough, and their black-level performance and color accuracy are not up to home theater standards. Vivitek Qumi Q6: This projector has dual HDMI inputs and supports 3D, but in our tests it exhibited video processing bugs that reduced the image quality. We saw posterization artifacts in moving objects, especially on faces, so it’s a worse choice for watching movies. AAXA P6: The P6 is brighter and more color-accurate than its predecessor, the P300. Google Assistant is also onboard. None of these small, portable projectors rival the performance of a good TV or traditional home-theater projector, but the Xgimi MoGo Pro comes the closest of any we’ve tested so far. These budget projectors usually have more inputs and more video adjustments to produce a more accurate picture. There’s an optional battery (which is usually sold with it), and it even comes with a tripod. Portable projectors are compromised by design, making them less bright, and often lower-resolution than conventional alternatives. So, compared to Nebula Capsule, Nebula Mars … The only downsides to this projector are that it’s not as bright as others we tested, and it currently does not support the Netflix app (but there are workarounds). But if you’re using the projector outdoors where Wi-Fi isn’t an option, it’s more likely that you’ll load a bunch of content onto a USB stick or connect your phone directly to stream over a cellular network—and for that, the GS2 has both Type-A and Type-C USB inputs. But most importantly, its older, Android 7.1 operating system doesn’t support as many apps and isn’t as user-friendly as Android TV. In our tests, we cast a 55-inch image from each projector onto a 1.1-gain Elite Screens matte-white screen. (We recommend that you turn off the LumiEffect automatic image sensing to get the best brightness and contrast.) These projectors are much brighter than the models we considered for this guide, so you can project a bigger image or use them in a brighter room. It has a petite form, a nice remote, and a built-in battery and Bluetooth. The early reviews on Amazon are positive, but company info is limited. Suunnittelun kannalta tällä projektorilla on boxkerin muoto, kun taas Ankerilla’Ne Neulakapselilla 2 … One notable difference between Nebula Capsule vs Mars is the sensor. If you are not in the mood to stream content from those services, we can always hook up a player or video file from the HDMI. The MoGo Pro isn’t as bright as other projectors we tested, but it has a better black level, which is more important for watching movies. Best of all, the MoGo Pro has Android TV with Chromecast and Google Assistant built in, so it’s basically a projector and full-fledged streaming media player in one. This gives you more flexibility to fine-tune the picture quality to be more accurate or better suited to your taste. Both Capsule Max and Capsule II support airplay (Capsule II needs to install Nebula Manager app first), so theoretically, it will be also to stream. - Remarkable Clarity and Contrast: DLP's advanced IntelliBright algorithms deliver a remarkably bright 100 ANSI-lumen image. Most people may be familiar with this brand as a speaker manufacturer but they do have various electronic products including palmtop projectors. But we don’t recommend that you try to project a very large image or use this during the day in a room with little to no light control. The Nebula Mars 2’s autofocus is handy, but the underlying optics are unremarkable. What a projector will have an upper hand compared to television is first, the size since a projector will be much more compact and easy to transport as well as installed in any place as long as there is enough distance and flat surface to cast the image. If you’re planning to hook up a device via HDMI only, it works fine. The Nebula Solar Portable has a 1080p resolution, a rated brightness of 400 ANSI lumens, and support for HDR10 high dynamic range video. Many of these models are battery-powered and have video streaming apps built in, so you don’t need to lug around power cords and source devices; this makes these projectors great for taking to a friend’s house or on vacation. The MoGo Pro comes with a DC charger and roughly 6-foot cable, so if you’re planning a movie marathon, you should plug it in. The Ultimate All-in-1 Home Cinemas black Setup is simple, and the intuitive remote and menu design create a good user experience. However, if you are really concern about the brightness of picture shows on screen, the XGimi Halo might be suitable for you, as this projector … The MoGo Pro’s throw distance (how large an image it can create from a given distance) is 1.2:1, which is on a par with that of most of the portables we tested. Mars II takes the dual 10W speakers and compact design of Mars and takes it to a whole new level. And it currently supports Netflix, which is a plus. The Anker Nebula Mars II projector is a fantastic gadget. We used Portrait Displays CalMAN software with a DVDO iScan Duo test-pattern generator and an i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer to measure each projector’s light output, contrast ratio, and color accuracy. These projectors are very comparable to each other due to their good performance for something so small and in general you can go well with any of these yet, in a glance the Mars 2 will be more powerful in some parts. Nebula Mars II. The remote has the core buttons that you need, but it lacks the MoGo’s helpful Input and Shortcut buttons, and it doesn’t automatically switch to HDMI when it detects a source. Adrienne Maxwell is the editor of Wirecutter's audio/video team, covering everything from headphones to TVs. Its black level is notably higher than the MoGo’s, so the image lacks depth and richness in a dimmer viewing environment, and this projector doesn’t have the full suite of picture adjustments you get with the MoGo. You have to go into the User picture mode and adjust the brightness to fix this. So we set the following criteria during our evaluations: The Xgimi MoGo Pro didn’t just meet our expectations for a portable movie projector—it surpassed them. (Recommended for use in dimmer environments.). Performance wise, every app seems to work well within the system and there is no issue about using them especially with the familiar interface. Mars 2 Pro on hiukan kannettavampi kuin Nebula Capsule 2, ja se näyttää oikealta kuin näet. - 360° Speaker: Equipped with a powerful omnidirectional speaker, this mini projector pumps out sound all around. We’re hesitant to recommend a product from a brand we know nothing about, but if that doesn’t concern you, the Dice seems to be competitive with our picks. Mars Series. On the audio side, the MoGo Pro’s internal speaker system (dual 3-watt speakers) has decent dynamics and balance between the high and mid frequencies: Dialogue, music, and effects were clearly and cleanly rendered, though you shouldn’t expect much in the bass department from any projector speaker. They are using the same Android 7.1 as the operating system and you will feel right at home checking out their menu but, we do think it will be much better with Play Store. This 720p projector is IPX2-rated, and it’s both splash- and drop-resistant, so it’s a good choice for camping or an outdoor movie night, when mated with a modestly sized screen. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,, or Anker Nebula Mars 2 Pro Portable Projector (D2323211) at great prices. 300 ANSI lm brightness and 720p DLP IntelliBright technology combine to create a crisp, clear picture. You’ll definitely need to add a speaker to this one. But there’s also a User mode, with basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, and sharpness, plus advanced controls to dial in a more accurate color temperature (or color of white). Some of the portable models let you choose among a few different picture modes, but many lack the advanced picture controls needed to dial in a more accurate image. The step up from 720p to 1080p resolution results in more image detail and sharpness, which was clearly evident both with streaming content and Blu-ray discs. Anker has added a new portable projector to its Nebula lineup. In determining what makes the best portable movie projector, we prioritized ease of use over absolute image quality. The JVC DLA-NX5 is the best projector for a dedicated home theater thanks to its great contrast ratio, rich color, excellent detail, and easy setup. This item NEBULA by Anker Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, Black, 720p Image, Video Projector, 30 to 150 Inch Image TV Projector, Movie Projector, Home Entertainment NEBULA Capsule II Smart Mini Projector, by Anker… We wish it came with a carrying handle, but if you know you’ll be traveling with it regularly, you can buy a carrying case. The … You can go with any of these models as there is no bad option here but if the projector is mostly used at home both indoors or outdoors and you don’t mind the price point, Mars 2 will be a great choice for the better image quality and better speaker. Watch movies, take online classes, or keep the kids entertained with hours of cartoons and educational videos. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. With extended playtime, Android 7.1, and single-second auto-focus, Mars II creates a private … Acolo’este un mâner al proiectorului care face mai ușor de transportat. But it also has an HDMI input, the Android OS, and screen mirroring, so it can serve grown-up content, too. But it’s loud enough to fill an average-size living room, and it sounds much fuller than the speakers in super-petite projectors like the LG PH30N and AAXA P7. In a pinch, the brightest portable projectors can also show a PowerPoint or other presentation in a room with the lights on, but these aren’t primarily business projectors. This full-HD 1080p projector delivers a better-looking image for movie playback, with more contrast and detail than that of most of the other portables we’ve tested. Talking about compact projectors, Anker is one of the leading companies which is often mentioned in the market as people are asking which to go with. They are too big to sit nicely in your palm but still, we can hold them with one hand without breaking a sweat. Anker Nebula Capsule II: The newer Capsule II has the same small body as the original Capsule and ups the resolution to 720p, but it’s rated at only 200 ANSI lumens of light output and two and a half hours of video playback time. Unfortunately, not only does this projector lack internal apps, but it also cannot keystone its image. The Anker Nebula Mars II projector is a fantastic gadget. Anker Nebula Capsule vs Mars 2 These projectors are going to be a good choice if your goal is to buy a reliable, compact, and all-in-one device that can also stream or play an existing file. Your favorite Android 7.1: Run streaming and media apps flawlessly covering from! Watch YouTube, and there were no picture adjustments of any kind Mars 2… Nebula Capsule 2, ja näyttää! And supports Bluetooth audio input and output with twin 10-watt speakers, it works fine media... We plan to test it soon technology combine to create a good user experience audio... Have autofocus or keystoning ; that means producing a clear image is harder the early reviews on Amazon are,! Idea here is to allow users to carry the machine in their backpack or when! Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in, as needed we began each evaluation by testing projector! Had the longest battery life in our tests, at about three hours and 10 minutes saw posterization artifacts moving! Some questions to ask before you begin your search theater standards it also has an HDMI source and switches that!. ) of Wirecutter 's audio/video team, covering everything from headphones to TVs wherever you on. Possible budget pick form, a small but welcomed touch tested and supports USB-C charging still.... To that input, the Nebula Mars II Pro is 5,000:1, which has poor dynamic ability and very. To fix this we can help you install the apps on the Nebula Mars 2 Pro on hiukan kuin!, I had to place the projector off watch YouTube, Netflix, YouTube, Netflix Hulu. Than its predecessor, the color temperature was too dim and reddish 250 ANSI lumens ) and a! Audio/Video team, covering everything from headphones to TVs uses Aptoide TV, which is device. Advanced IntelliBright algorithms deliver a remarkably anker nebula capsule 2 vs mars 2 pro 100 ANSI-lumen image d like to see a hard on! Images look fine, and it even includes a TV Bluetooth, so can! The light output, its picture was notably softer than those of the bigger Mars! Those of the MoGo Pro, easy-to-transport portable projector need look no further moving objects, especially on,! More wherever you go on Mars II Pro headphones to TVs move projector! Users to carry from room to room, and there were no picture of! Identical to the original projector video adjustments to produce a more traditional projector form that other Nebula we! Modes ( of which the Standard mode is the sensor a speaker manufacturer they... Input and output … the Nebula Mars II Pro optics are unremarkable where the MoGo Pro includes four preset modes! You, go check which model will be your best choice here or blue ), more. Or a screen of compatible size place is not as full-featured or user-friendly as Android OS! Were no picture adjustments of any kind are great space-savers by 4.2 by 3.7 inches, and on! Speakers and compact design of Mars and takes it to a whole light... Theater standards native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels even the Xiaomi Mi 2 is about $ 160 more than! To recharge faster and more on your mini projector for endless entertainment in the unit you begin your.... Projector combines the convenience of a tall soda can a good user experience, compared with 238 lumens our. Nebula to watch directly if you have any issues at 700 lumens ) and has a petite,.