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Coyote Gulch Overnight

Ed Note: A shorter version of this appeared as a guest post on Bedrock Sandals’  blog! Sometimes you need that weekend getaway trip – the one that rejuvenates and recharges you, and prepares you for another week. It turns out you need those weekend trips even when you live in […]

Big Sur

After our WFR course came to an end in mid-April, I craved an escape from the desert.  We had no plans for May or June, but I was feeling ready to leave the red rocks, sand, and cactuses that formed our environment for much of March, April, and parts of […]

Wilderness First Responders!

I’m covered ankle to waist in red mud over my jeans and shirt. I spent all afternoon pulling patients out of a calf-deep creek, then kneeling in the mud to work on taking vitals and treating insults & injuries. Okay, not a real patient, but rather a scenario in my 10-day Wilderness […]

Zion Traverse

I had the urge to do the 47 mile Zion Traverse (or Trans-Zion Trek) ever since my sisters, father, and I were rained out of the park five years ago (in a storm which destroyed part of the canyon road in Dec. 2010).  The traverse is the longest linkage of […]

Grand Gulch

Back in November, we took a tip from our friend Alan to do a trip in Grand Gulch before we left Utah. Grand Gulch is a long box canyon, over 50 miles long cutting through Cedar Mesa in Southeast Utah. It is known for its many historic ruins. Ancestral Puebloan Native Americans, […]

Grand Canyon Backpacking

With only a few weeks advance notice, we were invited to a last-minute attempt at the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (R2R2R) in 24 hours with friends from the DC Ultralight community. Annie had been to the Grand Canyon several times on backpacking trips with her family. I had never been, so […]

Druid Arch

Canyonlands Needles District Backpacking

On our way from the Moab area south to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park in Utah, we met with some distractions. Namely, the highway in to the main Needles District ranger station goes through Indian Creek. For climbers, you will know that this is one of the climbing […]

Moab Area – Arches and Canyonlands

  We rolled into Moab, Utah on a Thursday afternoon, and did some much needed work in a café.  Moab feels like a small, rural southwest town, but at the same time has the energy of being an outdoor hub.  It is clearly full of people at all times of […]

Three Sisters Circuit

A few years back, I was visiting cousins Sherri and Denny outside of Seattle. I had just finished my PCT section hike, thanks in most part to their generous rides to and from the trailheads. We were talking about outdoor adventure, and Sherri mentioned hiking one of the Three Sisters […]

Mt. Whitney

After retreating from smoke on our Sierra High Route bid, we still wanted to experience the highest part of our intended itinerary.  Our plan was to avoid the smoke by returning to our home, The Fire Truck, parked in Lone Pine, then drive up to Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead and piece […]

Lost Coast, Found Coast

“I just want to be off this fucking beach,” I grumbled quietly but emphatically, my head down. We stumbled on up the beach. This was our return trip. Most do the north section of Lost Coast Trail (LCT) only once, typically from north to south. We had done that, starting […]

The Sierra High Route – Trip Report

  Overview Trip Report Food Gear Joffrey and I were initially intrigued with the Sierra High Route (SHR) after reading Alan Dixon’s description of his South Sierra High Route Extension.  The photos were beautiful, and Joffrey had considered a big High Sierra adventure, but didn’t know much beyond the existence […]

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