Bedrock Sandals Review

Waayyy back in September (2015), on our first visit to San Francisco, we took a day trip to Richmond, CA. Our friend Gen (of YAMA gear) had recommended a some minimalist footwear that we thought we’d try. We arrived at Bedrock’s new manufacturing location to try on their sandals.  The […]

Porter Backpack Review

Joffrey and I have been using our Hyperlite Mountain Gear Porter Packs since the beginning of our trip in August.  We’ve used them backpacking, skiing, traveling on planes, and for day trips. I use the Porter 3400 and Joffrey uses the Porter 4400, both in 150 denier white “cuben fiber” […]

YAMA Mountain Gear Cirriform 2P DW

About a month ago, I received my YAMA Mountain Gear Cirriform 2-person double-walled shelter. It consists of an 0.8 oz cuben/sq. yard ghostly-white fitted tarp, and an inner bug netting with a 1.0 oz/sq. yard cuben fiber tub floor. The shelter sets up with two trekking poles, and the bug […]

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