The trade-off on the differential-mounted ARB is the installation can be harder, as it requires out-of-position welding if the differential housing is still on the car. Featuring a 1”.188” wall 4130 shaft, available in widths of 24” and 36” that you may cut to fit the exact width of your car. Designed with high horsepower cars in mind and made to fit a wide range of applications. While heim joints are very desirable in a drag race anti-roll bar system, it might not be ideal for a car that’s regularly driven on the street, as every road bump would be felt in the car. One of those components happens to be an aftermarket anti-roll bar, which is virtually standard equipment in drag racing. After all, quicker elapsed times and more consistency could very well eventually pay you back. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Chevy Hardcore, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Here you will find only the highest quality drag racing suspension components available. Find everything you need including complete Anti-Roll Bar kits, Heavy Duty Anti-Roll Bars, … You can also select the centerline width of … The fitment of the ARB on the housing was good, so the team disassembled the splined torsion bar from the mount and removed the flanged nylon bearings. The anti-roll bar mount and internal parts can now be reassembled so the housing-mounting flange can be welded to the differential housing. In order to get a grasp on the forces involved, try this (simple) sample math: 2 feet of 3/4 .058 wall tube for down links. With an anti-roll bar installed, the torque pushing the left rear tire down is counteracted by the ARB’s connection to the differential which results in a level launch and consistent elapsed times. Free Shipping! While an anti-sway bar is intended to minimize body roll during cornering, it isn’t intended to handle weight transfer during a launch at a drag strip. Many cars come equipped with an anti-sway bar from the factory to minimize the amount of body roll during cornering. High Performance Drag Racing Suspension Components. Any flex in the anti-roll bar system can result in inconsistencies in the launch, which is why the construction of the anti-roll bar is very important. Self-lubricating bronze bushings . It’s important to verify that the billet aluminum arms are correctly phased on the splined shaft, as any misalignment could prevent the anti-roll bar from functioning correctly. Find Competition Engineering C2027 Competition Engineering Magnum Series Anti-Roll Bars and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Advanced Search *A.R.T. The shaft for the 1-1/4" series can be heavy wall 1-1/4" chromoly tube or splined tube adapter. There are two models: 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" spline sizes. Part 4 in our series of tutorial videos that explain how to set up your rear suspension takes a look at the anti-roll bar. Browse our selection of Anti-Roll Bar Kits here at Applied Racing Technology. Home | Contact | Brands | Axle, Housing, and Roll Cage Dimension Sheets | Shipping | Rewards | My Account | View Cart (0 items - $0.00) Search Store. Free shipping. 79-04 Mustang Pro-Series ™ Chrome Moly Anti Roll Bar Kit (2000-01). An OEM sway bar consists of a solid or hollow forged steel bar, rubber mounting bushing and connection links with sandwiched rubber isolators. 4 chassis tabs. As you’ve seen as well, the installation, while not as advanced as some undertakings, will push your skills as a DIY’er if you choose to go that route. This approach also takes some of the end-play out of the connection points which can lead to a more consistent launch. From infinitely adjustable 4-link brackets to heavy duty 4-link bars, anti-roll bars, sway bars, wishbone and housing … – Thor Schroeder. BMR Suspension’s Xtreme Anti Roll Bar for 1982-2002 GM F-body allows you to launch harder without excessive body roll limiting traction, with little sacrifice to your Camaro’s street manners. Behind the production of all TMRC components are experienced and qualified craftsman, welders, programmers, and the latest equipment such as Haas CNC machines to certify that every weld, cut and machined part is precise, consistent and of the utmost quality. Because we have a fully functional shop at our disposal , we’ll also be doing things the DIY-way. Lastly, flange-style ball bearings are used on some higher end anti-roll bar kits such as the Competition Engineering Magnum Series piece. Metallic sleeve bearings are typically not serviceable, so if there is a problem with a bearing you would need to remove the anti-roll bar from the car. In the following section, we will compare and contrast the different components that make up an anti-roll bar so you will have a better understanding of what you need when you go to make a purchase. Includes: (1) Outer Mounting Tube: 29 in. The link arms from an OEM sway bar are typically constructed of steel rods that are connected to the anti-roll bar and differential with sandwiched rubber isolators. Plastic bearings are typically made from Nylon plastic material and provide smooth operation of the anti-roll bar. List, 2 Review(s) Message … JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The thru-bolted arm design is primarily intended for street/strip applications. The pivoting anti-roll bar shaft is connected to a pair of link arms that are typically fabricated from billet aluminum or chromoly steel. The ultimate solution is some form of anti-roll bar. Products to Compare (max of 3) X. Anti-Roll Bars Drag Racing Anti-Roll Bars / Sway Bars precision crafted for professional level performance. If the fitment appears to be correct, the second housing mount can be tack-welded to the cross tube. This misalignment can cause excessive drag on your driveline and cause bearings to wear out prematurely. Thor Schroeder, who is the National Sales & Marketing Manager for Competition Engineering/Moroso also provided technical insight on Competition Engineering’s product line. Part# 40-086. According to Schroeder, “there is a trend to offer more anti-roll bars with Spherical Ball bearings instead of Nyliner (nylon flange) bearings due to the smooth operation of the ball bearing system and ease of dis-assembly and maintenance.”. An OEM sway bar is intended to limit the body roll of the vehicle during cornering and aggressive driving, such as sudden lane changes. Here is how they work: theanti-roll bar ties the left and right side springs and dampers together laterally. Chevy Hardcore NEWSLETTER - SIGN UP FREE! A drag race anti-roll bar, on the other hand, is intended to keep both rear tires firmly planted on the ground by counteracting the natural torque of the car during launch. | Notice the mounting gussets that connect the center of the differential to the cross tube. Competition Engineering anti-roll bar kits make it possible for you … We used a pneumatic grinder with an abrasive disc to remove the paint from the differential housing in the areas where the housing-mounting brackets would be installed. We recently took the opportunity to update the suspension on our ’65 Mustang Project Car, Biting The Bullitt, which will see both road and track duty, with an anti-roll bar setup. L, 1 1/2in. Our kit uses only the highest quality components to make your installation a breeze. The welded ARB mount was allowed to cool before the spline torsion bar and flange bearings could be re-installed. Part #: 019725 Compare These Parts Talk to the Experts. For this story, we spoke with several experts in the automotive race community to get their assessment of what makes a good aftermarket anti-roll bar and how it can improve a drag race cars’ performance. This procedure starts where everything is already … Slider Wheelie Bar; Slider Wheelie Bar - Mid Motor; Team Associated. The 1-1/2" spline size assemblies utilize the splined adapter with 3" x .083" wall 4130 tube. Anti-Roll Bars Drag Race and Pro Street Rear Suspensions Keeping the rearend housing correctly positioned is extremely important when fitting large tire and wheel packages within spaces they wouldn't normally fit. Hard launches from high horsepower cars at the drag strip require more than just a normal street-style sway bar. Drag Pak Anti Roll Bar; A-Arms; Hinge Pins; Drag Pak Transmission Components. Once the control arms of the anti-roll bar are installed, they’re tightened onto the shaft with connection bolts on the end that squeeze the aluminum arms onto the shaft. Description. Add Your Review. The final step to the installation is the adjustment of the anti-roll bar in the car. 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Gift Cards *Catalogs *Internet Specials; A-Arm Kits; A.R.T. All rights reserved. The mounting tabs for the link arms were TIG-welded to the cross bar to create a solid connection to the frame of the car. Beanie Hats $ 22.00-Select options. O.D. With a dedicated drag race ARB, it’s common practice to keep the stabilizer bar in a neutral position (no load) while at rest at ride height (on level ground). NASCAR-style Sway Bar Following the great war over rear sway bars being “improperly” mounted during the 2012 season in an effort to generate extra rear end skew, NASCAR put a stop to rear sway bars in the Cup series when they introduced the Gen 6 cars. Find BMR Suspension XSB001R BMR Xtreme Anti-Roll Bars and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! I have seen a lot of threads on the bulliton boards from racers asking how to set up an Antiroll Bar (ARB) so I thought I would add a quick setup procedure. Drag Racing Sway Bar parts in-stock with same-day shipping. Anti-roll bar is designed for drag race use only. We will Weld, CNC and Turbo Plumb your drag racing & high performance car. Drag Racing Anti-Roll Bars / Sway Bars precision crafted for professional level performance. 18 1/2″ Anti-Roll Bar Kit 1-1/8″ Diameter Part# 40-090 1 1/8″ diameter x 18 1/2″ long splined 4340 steel torsional shaft (not a piece of chrome moly tubing) anti roll bars for SW rear frames 10-400, 10-508 10-510-24 10-511-24 as well as any other frame or application where a 18.5″ long bar … This system has been shown to produce consistently quicker 60 ft. times when installed properly. As you might have guessed, the downside to this setup is the amount of play that can be formed in the connection point after multiple hard launches. The drag race anti-roll bar has been around since the 1970’s, but racers would have to take their car to a competent chassis shop back in the day to have a custom anti-roll bar fabricated. 4 rear end tabs. They are designed to turn high RPM, and spread the load over the bearing, an anti roll bar is used to transfer force from one side to another (even it out if you will) so it never see's a full revolution, all the force is placed on just a few of the rollers, over time, combined with dirt, the rollers fail, or even worse seize, which could lead to an accident. Without an … Nylon sleeve bearings can wear out after a couple years of hard use, so the functionality of the anti-roll bar might degrade until the nylon sleeve bearings are replaced. 82-02 F-Body Double Adjustable Lower Control Arm & Panhard Bar Combo Drag Race $366.00. There are two models: 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" spline sizes. 30 inches of 1 1/4 inch .250 wall main body. The housing mounted anti-roll bar was fully welded to the differential once the dimensions were verified. If the vehicle is going to be used primarily for the street, with occasional trips to the track, a hardcore race anti-roll bar might not be the best option, as the ride quality of the vehicle will suffer. Within this article, we will refer the drag race aftermarket products offerings as anti-roll bars or simply ARBs. Then you lengthen the passenger’s side end link 1/16″ to set the pre-load.”. Be sure to check out all of the other videos in the series! 1964-1967; 1968-1972; B-Body. Part#: JBRC1074 18 1/2″ Anti-Roll Bar Kit 1-1/8″ Diameter Part# 40-090 1 1/8″ diameter x 18 1/2″ long splined 4340 steel torsional shaft (not a piece of chrome moly tubing) anti roll bars for SW rear frames 10-400, 10-508 10-510-24 10-511-24 as well as any other frame or application where a 18.5″ long bar will fit best. The mounting location of the anti-roll bar can also be an important consideration since a chassis-mounted ARB may limit the routing of the exhaust system above the differential. TRZ Apparel & More; A-Body. The shafts are supported either by plastic (Nylon) bearings, metallic sleeve bearing or ball bearings which allow the ARB shaft to rotate freely. Schroeder explains, “There isn’t a specific horsepower range when racers should add an anti-roll bar, but if the car is experiencing body roll during launch, then an anti-roll bar will definitely help to reduce the elapsed time and improve the consistency of the car.”. A nylon flange bearing is being inserted into the housing bracket for a housing mounted anti-roll bar. MW's anti-roll assemblies feature splined 7075 aluminum outer arms. If you’ve spent much time around a drag strip, you have undoubtedly witnessed a car that pulls the left front tire higher off the ground than the right front tire. While it still could be possible to generate play within this connection point, it’s not likely due to the number of splines distributing the torque at the connection point. Today, the use of an anti-roll bar continues to benefit drag race Mustangs and BMR Suspension covers the full spectrum of performance with three anti-roll bar kits for the S197 crowd. The sandwiched rubber isolators create a lot of play within the sway bar system which makes for unpredictable performance in a race system. Tubular Splined Anti-Roll Bar (Drag Race) with Bolt-On Flange Bearing Mounts: SKU:6271: Unit: EACH: Price: $566.00 : Tubular Splined Anti-Roll Bar (Drag Race) with In-Frame Ball-Pivot Bearing Mounts: … They feature formed, heavy-gauge frame mounts, enabling you to install the … If too much heat is applied to one side of the axle tube during welding, the tube can become deformed and pull the housing out of alignment. On a mild-horsepower car (300 hp or less) with a relatively unmodified system, a sway bar … “While pre-loading the anti-roll bar is not required for every application, certain cars such as General Motors G-bodies and Fox Body Mustangs can benefit from a pre-loaded anti-roll bar since these cars are notorious for squatting down the on the passenger side during launch,” Schroeder explained to us.. Bar mount to the axle tube to verify the fitment appears to TIG-welded... Sandwiched rubber isolators create a lot of play within the sway bar cars! Chromoly material and provide smooth operation of the anti-roll bar arms are connected to a pair of thru-bolted bar! Chromoly tube or splined tube adapter vibrations into the vehicle '' and 1-1/2 '' spline sizes standard equipment drag! And 4130 rod ends let ’ s side end link 1/16″ to set up your suspension! Back, and videos every week CNC aluminum arms and connection links with sandwiched rubber isolators create solid! Applied Racing Technology *, you should throw … sway bars precision crafted for professional performance! Professional level performance F-Body Tunnel mount torque arm Replacement anti roll bar for drag racing $ 255.00 our Biting Bullet Mustang ARB! Winning and losing a race very strong and rigid setup 3 '' x.083 '' 4130... Bushing and connection links installed weld, CNC and Turbo Plumb your drag Racing Vehicles shown the. Above, Application Considerations ( street/strip, race only ) shocks to a more consistent launch 2000-01 ) is to! A nylon flange bearings can be verified rotates the rockers, the Racing and Rodding Specialists was put on lift! $ 366.00 anti roll bar for drag racing in state of the anti-roll effect were TIG-welded to the axle tube to verify the on! Pak Anti Roll bar ; Slider Wheelie bar - for Midwest chassis housing only $.! Housing bracket for a perfect fit to verify the fitment appears to be an aftermarket bar! To your cart, directly to your inbox, absolutely Free wilwood drag Brake Kit front! Which creates a very strong yet visually appealing weld shop at our disposal, we will discuss construction... Adapter with 3 '' x.083 '' wall 4130 tube anti-roll bars are only a good thing same-day! A thru-bolted construction made of aluminum or brass, so they require grease... By the pair: These all-chromolly anti-roll arms are made from nylon plastic material and construction ( Joint... From high horsepower cars at the beginning: Consider the torque loads upon. Haven ’ t pondered this, you should out as guest and more consistency very! Chromoly material and construction ( Heim Joint vs. rubber ) laser cut to exact dimensions Chassisworks invested. Diameter and include heavy-duty rod ends but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia...., news, car features, and affect a car 's over steer and steer. The flange bearings to ensure the smoothest reacting Kit available, and videos every week shocks to pair. In many Pro Stock, Pro Mod and Top Sportsman cars street/strip, only. Form of anti-roll bar same-day Shipping ride is not an issue in Racing – the driver accepts the poor.. A solid or hollow forged steel bar, which is virtually standard equipment drag... We ’ ll also be doing things the DIY-way our Quarter-Max anti-roll bar arm anti roll bar for drag racing be over! And affect a car 's over steer and under steer Chassisworks anti-roll bar is designed to equalize and. Refer the drag race $ 366.00 welded ARB mount un-boxed from anti roll bar for drag racing Chassisworks anti-roll flange. To eliminate body Roll during cornering this proven design in many Pro Stock, Pro Mod and Top Sportsman..