Hear are some general guidelines, all for solo riders on general 'mixed' terrain (ie rolling hills about 30% of the time, and pretty flat the rest of the time): Many cyclists never get to an average over 13-15 mph, don't worry about it, enjoy yourself. This year there was a mere 0.1% gain, compared to last year’s lap speed in the electric class (196.2kmh v 196.05kmh). Coaching Packages; Edge Membership; Static Training Plans Top job. In search of a great bike fit for your TT or tri bike? I hope on Zwift the developers can make the aero advantages disappear, or even become a hindrance at anything above 500-600W. An increase in your average speed from 25 to 26km/h is much easier* than an increase from 32 to 33km/h. Website hosting and maintenance by. For many of us rides over about three hours can become very tiring (assuming a reasonable sustained effort during those three hours!). Plenty of cyclists can maintain 25+ mph over long distances, especially if conditions are flat or they are cycling in groups. I race my TT bike on a so-so position at around 22-23 MPH. Cyclists who have changed to carbon fibre bikes have told me their speed increased immediately by 5-10%. My average power on a road bike ride is typically around 190W tops. For the average-strength rider on the 2016 Transcontinental (TCR) route, decreasing the total weight by 5 kg would make the average speed increase by just 0.41 km/h and the total cycling time would be reduced by 3 hours 23 minutes (so the finshing time could be about 6.5 hours earlier). In 1978 Alf Engers did a 49.24 for a 25 mile time trial (30.3mph / 48.8g km/h). £5,999.00 . If you live in Norfolk, where hills are few and far between, your experience will bear little comparison with a rider setting off to the Lake District each week. Average Speed: Outright: Peter Hickman: BMW S 1000 RR: 2018: 16:42.778: 135.452mph / … Rides less than an hour or so in length will usually have a slightly lower average, because the first part of a ride is slower as your legs warm up. The rolling hills of the Cotswolds are not the same as the Scottish highlands. However, the winning petrol bike increased by more than 1 per cent over the same period (212.2kmh v 209.68kmh). We don't want everyone rolling around on … Winner of the 2012 Lightweight TT Ryan Farquhar 650 cc Kawasaki, (2) at the startline The 1922 event was the first time the Lightweight TT race took place, won by a motorcycle-journalist Geoff S. Davison, riding a Levis at an average speed of 49.89 mph (80.29 km/h) for … 0. An individual time trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which cyclists race alone against the clock (in French: contre la montre – literally "against the watch", in Italian: tappa a cronometro "stopwatch stage"). Average Review ★★★★★ ... P3X Ultegra Di2 Disc TT/Triathlon Bike with Carbon Wheels 2020. Forget all the time trial bike stigmas. Wearing a classic aero TT helmet rather than a standard road lid can save you more than a minute over a 40K course, assuming a speed of 31 mph, according to … Speed <-- prev | next--> Cyclists: here you will find three (3) graphs for watts vs. speed plus Calculator for Watts to Speed plus Race Category per Power to Weight measurements and more regarding cyclist power & speed… These tri bikes are also your ticket to the final leg of the race. Mark explains 5 ways to improve your average speed on your next bike ride. Notes: Flat tests run on 2 laps of Tempus Fugit at 300 watts steady with an isolated 75kg rider 183cm tall, using the Zwift 32mm Carbon wheels. Suzuki Hayabusa. Some areas are naturally and frequently exposed to high winds. Every detail of every Trek Speed Concept is designed to help you earn the best TT or bike split of your life, … Deep, skinny airfoils, massive seat tube cutouts, heavy frames, and sketchy handling—the Shiv TT makes them all relics of the past. Even on flat land, a Tour de France pro’s average speed needs to be way up there in order to stay in the race. Sprints on a TT bike in real life are typically clumsy and wasn't really put to the sword in these tests. This was a greater improvement than I expected, and perhaps would only make such an important difference for cyclists in great shape. The bike features an Ultegra R8000 11-speed build and roll on Prime Black Edition carbon clinchers, 85mm deep at the rear 60mm at the front. Older riders will usually be less strong at fast sprints or bursts up short hills, but very good at maintaining steady speed over longer distances. This is the New Shape of Speed. We have both, © 2021 Science of Speed. Although the benefits this provides will vary with conditions and the number of people in the group, it is often said that the average cyclist's speed will increase 20-30% as a result of cycling in a group, even more. The current 25 mile time trial record is 45-46, set by … But if you are overweight yourself, saving a kilo on the bike will make a smaller difference. This requires an average speed of 25 mph. No tri bars and 60mm race wheels: 30.8kph – 154km; Trek Speed Concept full race set up, 60mm race wheels: 33.1kph – 165.5km road-bike.co.uk :: copyright © 2006 - 2021 -see privacy policy, Beginner, short distance (say 10-15 miles): average speed 12 mph. Light, responsive, agile, and still every bit as aero as the original gold-medal-winning Shiv. Speeds obviously diminish as the course gets more hilly and technical. Rides between one and two hours usually have the greatest overall speed. Shopping cart. There are lots of 40-50 year old cyclists who can hold their own in rides with 25 year olds. I would say 23-24 tops depending on the course is a top AG bike split average mph. Well perhaps just a bit, especially where weight is concerned. Heart and lungs will often be strong and efficient. above speed test; As a short oldie 60+ with a lower FTP i find, feel, that wt. March 2015. The cockpit comes from … Time trial bikes and triathlon bikes are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, in a bid to minimise drag and make you as fast as possible. Average ride speeds range around 17-22 mph with most riders in the 19-20 range. Average speed and distance covered. Average speed varies to an extent with distance covered. Suzuki is a widely known brand, and Hayabusa is their fastest bike so far. Average Cyclist: Pro Cyclist: Average Bike Speed on Flat Terrain: 18 mph: 26 mph: Average Bike Speed up an 5% hill: 9.5 mph: 15 mph: Average Bike Speed up an 8% hill: 7 mph: 12 mph: Fastest Downhill Bike Speeds: 47 – 57 mph: 69 – 81 mph: Average sustainable watts for 1 hour (FTP) 200 watts: 415 watts: 5 second Sprint: 33mph/700 watts: 40mph/1250 watts: Tour De France Average Speed This test data is used for all flat results on this page. I suspect, but can't prove it, that the psychological impact of buying a lighter / more expensive bike also plays a role - if you think you will go faster...you will go faster. I have found it to be reasonably accurate compared to power meter result on q climb for example. Wind has a very significant impact on cycling speed, even quite gentle wind. Average speed for the day and average speed while riding are two very different statistics to consider. Some people may be surprised that the difference is not grea… ... speed, wind speed, weight and even position on the bike. For much of the time you will be 'drafting' the person in front ie experiencing limited wind resistance yourself. Cycling in a group - paceline riding - has very significant benefits. Yeah, not sure where you get that from Nate! Many faster riders will spend more time at check points resting while slower riders … It's not about the bike? I am similar numbers. But, that is highly driven by starts, stops, and turns.