Jill is a self-proclaimed fujoshi and says that she only kills cute boys who "turn her on". What I mean is, why don't you just write about what you're actually feeling? Sakura Ogami | Yeah, she wrote a novel when she was ten that got everyone talking and launched her literary career. We like to read and write together. Super dark! N-No, that's not what I was thinking at all... Wh-Whatever, I don't really care, I'm used to it... What? And no hints...! Himiko Yumeno, A full-body render of Toko as she appears in. Kazuichi Soda is a character from the Danganronpa fandom. Usami, Danganronpa/Zero Masaru Daimon | That's not like her, to just talk to someone so openly like that... Toko handed me a massive stack of thick paper. Eyes burning with hatred, Toko glared at me before stomping off. Alter Ego | Kazuichi Soda | I'll get pretty s-someday and show them all...! Ruruka Ando | Note: Toko's Free Time Events are continued through to Genocide Jack's Free Time Events. I said I wanted t-to see *something*, didn't I!? Genocide Jill's appearance is much like Toko's since she is still technically Toko, however some things differ and her general composure changes. And now I dug up TH-THAT terrible memory! I didn't ask you here for a-anything...like that! Rose in Vitro, 047. Her English identities - "Genocide Jack" and "Genocide Jill" - are likely references to the "Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme. Sonosuke Izayoi | Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu | Why don't you just g-give me a letter filled with razor blades wh-while you're at it...! Based on one of the multiple video games in the Danganronpa franchise, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is the missing story that goes between the original Danganronpa: The Animation manga, and the recently published manga series Danganronpa 2: Ultimate Luck and Hope and Despair. Stop staring at me like I'm some filthy creature! Were you just thinking some w-worthless thought? Tenko Chabashira | Reading romance novelsAdmiring Byakuya TogamiKilling boys she falls in love with (as Genocide Jill) Nekomaru Nidai | Great Gozu, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Retiring? Hobby Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. Everyone says it's your masterpiece. Kyouko Kirigiri | Toko will then basically solve this for us by saying "Picture it upside-down". You made me remember that terrible t-trauma! You have a question? Filled in every page of Toko's Report Card, Filled in every page of every character's Report Card. I'm pretty sure the answer is "I don't know.". Genocide Jill Alias Daisaku Bandai | Which is why she's come to be known as the. It's pretty cool, right? Her murderous identity's Japanese name can be alternatively romanized as "Genocider Shou" or "Genocider Sho". C'mon, if you r-really know, hurry up and say it...! https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Toko_Fukawa/Genocide_Jill?oldid=2144953, Toko's last name consists of the characters for "rotten" and "river". One of her romance novels, Before the Sea's Scent Fades Away, was a huge hit that managed to make fishermen become popular with teenage girls for a few months. Due to her severe persecution complex that originated from the bullying that she had to live through early in life, Toko is highly suspicious of other people, frequently accusing them of thinking bad things about her; her unusually quick tendencies to self-victimize quickly characterized her interactions with most of Class 78. Chisa Yukizome | It's all your f-fault! Toko Fukawa He is also a participant in the Killing School Trip. Toko kicked me out of her room, so I headed back to my own. Or are you s-saying you can't write romance novels unless you already have lots of experience i-in love...? I c-can't be around you and your perverted f-fetish anymore...! MonokumaJunko Enoshima (arch-enemy; deceased)Mukuro Ikusaba (deceased)Ultimate DespairAI Junko Enoshima (deceased)MonokumaMonaca TowaWarriors of Hope Even with pink blood, CERO (the Japanese entertainment rating organization) gave a D rating to the first Danganronpa, so the game could only be sold to buyers … Yasuke Matsuda | Dissociative Survivor, Ultimate Writing Prodigy (formerly; as Toko)Ultimate Murderous Fiend (formerly; as Genocide Jill)Future Foundation secretary, Admiring Byakuya TogamiKilling boys she falls in love with (as Genocide Jill), Kyoko KirigiriAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiYasuhiro HagakureChihiro Fujisaki (deceased)Hifumi Yamada (deceased)Kiyotaka Ishimaru (deceased)Leon Kuwata (deceased)Mondo Owada (deceased)Sakura Ogami (deceased)Sayaka Maizono (deceased)Hajime HinataNagito KomaedaChiaki Nanami (deceased)Akane OwariFuyuhiko KuzuryuGundam TanakaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaImposterKazuichi SodaMahiru KoizumiMikan TsumikiNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaSonia NevermindTeruteru Hanamura, Junko Enoshima (arch-enemy; deceased)Mukuro Ikusaba (deceased)Ultimate DespairAI Junko Enoshima (deceased)MonokumaMonaca TowaWarriors of Hope. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. Super High School Level Literary Girl). I bet you don't read anything b-but comics and books for k-kids... Fine, then tell me the a-answer. How were we g-gonna drive anywhere!? No more writing for me! Akane Owari | About not having any love in r-real life. Is th-that how you get your kicks? Celestia Ludenburg (Real name: Taeko Yasuhiro) is a character that appears in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc as the "Ultimate Gambler". Reading it kinda makes me wanna die! Expand at your own risk. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Cargo 3 Fandom 4 List 5 Navigation Hajime Hinata is the main protagonist of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and a central protagonist in the Hope's Peak Academy Saga. Any sight of blood would make her faint, causing a murderous split personality of hers known as Genocide Jill to awaken. I was stupid t-to get my hopes up... N-Not that you'll remember my n-name anyway, but... Wh-What? Rantaro Amami | Toko was known to be extremely hemophobic. I just really can't imagine her on a date.