But ya know what, I love it, and I love perpetual summer. Florida has countless beautiful beachside towns to choose from and that is why many move here. Depending on where you are moving from and what it was like for you there. And, while we wouldn’t say this is a reason to avoid moving to Florida, it’s certainly one of the less-desirable qualities about the state. Speaking of weather -- we do have terrifying natural disasters, monsoon season and haboobs. Continue this thread level 1. I am so glad every single day I moved. Florida’s soil and sunshine produce over 70 percent of the citrus for the nation, most of which go right into those tall glasses of juice you (and everyone else in the country) enjoy so much with breakfast. Will moving to another state, such as the one you love to vacation in, actually result in the better life you seek? Education 7. So what!? You must register your out-of-state car with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of moving to Florida. Economy 3. Find out now: How much house can I afford? 15 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Move To Michigan. Let’s start with the basics: Kissimmee, FL is located in Osceola County and it has a population of 72,177. Economic downturns happen about every seven years on average. It was very interesting! Fortunately for Florida residents, this lack of income tax allows them to save more of their hard-earned money for fun activities, … But I think i need to emphasize them as you have! We had a great time! Follow this expert advice on moving during the coronavirus pandemic to help you stay safe and healthy throughout the process in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Living in Palm Harbor now. Best decision ever. I think I can see myself ending up on the west coast. Im far from that situation now and would be a series of catastrophes away from that situation. Livability helps people find their perfect places to live, and we’ve got everything you need to know to decide if moving to Kissimmee, FL is right for you. My lease is up in april and i am debating moving to Florida at the end of my lease with or with out a job. Thats not good news. Hope this helps those of you looking to move to the place of your dreams! For example, there is some random state tax that shows up twice a year that adds 30% to your real estate tax bill no one talks about. It's humid. But, before you hire a moving company, you should learn something about this beautiful state. New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. I like the sound of this! 23. According to the Census Bureau , … I'm scared if I just move there with out a job it will be a dumb move because I could possibly go into debt. South Carolina has become a popular place to live, hasn’t it? The ugly stuff about moving to Florida (the obvious cons). But also- is rather be working just to live somewhere nice . Granted, this isn't something I've talked over with my parents yet, but I'd to have a firm decision in mind before I bring it up and attempt to convince them. If you’re moving to Jacksonville, FL, it won’t take you … That’s simply not the case. 1. To be considered a resident of Florida, you must be employed in the state, have your child enrolled in public schools or have established a living address. Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, these are all great options for people moving to Florida … I knew Florida was the "retirement" state but a library-level of quietness after 6 pm on our whole block, for blocks surrounding was a shock. I'll never move back to the North East. does everyone just hop on the freeway north and find the first hotel open outside of the "danger zone"? But can do in sunshine as well. I miss friends and family, but that's about it. Why are so many people moving to Florida? The state’s panhandle and western gulf coast are home to some of the most pristine, postcard-perfect beaches in the country, while the Florida Keys feel like a 24/7 vacation. To be fair; my situation is unique. The region I live in had a 7% population decrease between 2010-2015. I get that point. Yes i reccomend moving to florida. I'm 26 m and currently live in chicago. I am not the first clown to have this thought (obviously) but I want to know more! Resident happiness 10. Consider moving to Florida. In addition to saving money on taxes, there’s plenty to love about living in Florida. I moved from New Jersey to Florida and I say yes based on what I discussed in the video 10 reasons why moving to Florida is a great idea. I just don't want to throw moving to florida for 3 months on the list of those catastrophes (lol). Why You Should Think Twice About Moving to Las Vegas. I have been thinking of switching careers but don't know what. If public schools aren’t a factor in your relocation plans you should still be aware of the issue, as it’s a hot-button topic in … Drivers are horrible and there are many old folks who shouldn't be driving. So is there some other reason you're debating moving to Florida? Cost of Moving from New York to FL . I'm applying to 13 PhD programs and 2 backup, worst-case scenario MA programs. And why not? For example, there is some random state tax that shows up twice a year that adds 30% to your real estate tax bill no one talks about. My wife and I have been thinking about moving to Florida from Philadelphia for awhile now. Later, the city played a key role in the Revolutionary War and was the site of the first and second Continental Congress. If you are moving to Florida post-grad, here are a few of the best communities to live in: Jacksonville Believe it or not, Jacksonville hosts Florida’s youngest and hippest population. You Should Just Learn Golf Now. Utah. Florida is just not for everyone, and not everyone would be happy here. The state’s panhandle and western gulf coast are home to some of the most pristine, postcard-perfect beaches in the country, while the Florida Keys feel like a 24/7 vacation. Generally speaking, i was thinking west coast, probably north of where most houses don't start at 300,000. The waether is beautiful, the beaches are very nice, companies have been investing alot in florida so you do have job opportunities, and the cost of living is reasonable unlike moat places in the US. Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The majority of the year is sunny and warm. Yes, you read that right. In Florida, you have 10 days to register your out-of-state car after you’ve moved there. Especially the summer. I never looked back. While Florida is a great place to retire, the state also has a lot to offer to young professionals. Another important question you might ask yourself is where you should move to in Florida? Shit, it snowed for almost six months last year! Amazing what a difference that makes. I just returned to my cold, mid-western state from a trip to Florida and I want to move there. Thats very good info! Way to cut through the bullshit and get to it! I live in NYC now but I've always liked Florida from what I've heard. Here are some things that Florida has going for it. I left the safest city in Kentucky and honestly feel safer here than I ever did there. I moved here 4 years ago from New York. I feel like there isn't any part of florida where the bugs are on break. There’s no snow and it’s warm all year round. – In every city, there are tons of amazing restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, bakeries and bars. I’ve since had 4 friends move here, and though they complain about the same things I do, they are all very happy with their decisions. You should use Budget Truck Rental if you’re moving across town or don’t have the time to compare prices (it’s the overall cheapest company). People move to Florida for a multitude of reasons, but most commonly it is for the lifestyle, a slow-paced retirement, or for a second snowbird home. What is your reason to move to FL? I'm looking into Orlando or Kissimme. Florida is packed with vacation-worthy cities that can make deciding where to live (and possibly retire) a difficult choice. That verse in "Sweet Home Alabama" about the Swampers doesn't have any ambiguity. Seems terrifying, especially with all the crazy drivers (old, insane, or both). More; Forum; News; Weekly email; Search. No job? I love fishing though, and that's pretty much all I do. Health care quality 5. In the summer months, Tucson regularly rises above 100 degrees. Thats interesting! 8. If you are thinking about moving abroad to Florida, one of your first considerations should be the legality of immigrating. It's humid. This is a very general and vague question but- when there is a hurricane warning, how many people actually evacuate? Retirement draws a lot of people to Florida, and the state is well-known for its retirement communities and the availability of activities and entertainment that appeal to active adults. Some experts suggest starting with at least 15 to 20 schools, and narrowing that list down to the graduate programs you’ll ultimately apply to. I know I harp about sunscreen and sun damage, it's only because I care. Which I understand is a competitive business down there! You have to earn a living, I'd imagine. You should move to wherever you can find a job, after doing some research about possible suitable areas. It’s hot. Every year from June 1st to November 30th is Hurricane season. Florida’s northeast coast provides a flashback to “Old Florida,” with mid-century architecture and history dating back to the 1500s. Your post repeatedly emphasizes the importance of holding a job. Utah offers a number of advantages over the Golden State: Utah is large enough to offer access to all the amenities of the big city, but with a decidedly small-town feel that’s appealing for people seeking a greater sense of community and belonging. Read our cookies policy. Young People Are Moving to These 10 States ... Florida has the highest net migration rate of any state, with an average 1.5% growth from 2014 to 2017. The summers are fucking brutal too. 8. Decide on a couple of places, go visit for a couple of weeks, do some job interviews, look at some apartments, etc., etc. I have about $3,500 in the bank and no student loans. This video was highly requested! RICK SCOTT. Don't forget to Subscribe! This is definitely an arena id need to get hip to. The only thing that would drive me slightly crazy is the balance between covering yourself in bug spray and staying indoors, which i could presumably do anywhere. We use cookies to make the site easier to use. I just don't want to throw moving to florida for 3 months on the list of those catastrophes (lol).