Kohl's may have just what your kids need when it's time to think school once again! Elisabeth entered the room, and once again took his breath away. In teenage years, when demands for iron increase for rapid growth and to compensate for menstruation in girls, parents will need to pay attention once again to providing adequate food sources. However, today's health conscious consumers are once again excited by this low-fat popping method. The period at which the phoenix reappears is very variously stated, some authors giving as much as 1461 or even 7006 years, but 500 years is the period usually named; and Tacitus tells us that the bird was said to have appeared first under Sesostris (Senwosri), then under Amasis (Ahmosi) under Ptolemy III., and once again in A.D. Britney Spears and coattail riding hubby Kevin Federline will once again subject us to too many details regarding their relationship. Whoopi Goldberg is once again making the move to daytime television. At some point in the future, latent viruses become activated and once again cause sores or recurrent infections. All Rights Reserved. murderous rages, once again bringing homicide to the streets. Isn't it funny how the promise of a new season in the spotlight can all of a sudden cause a pair who vowed to "never speak again" to once again become BFFs? On the 25th of April he made his will, on the 27th he received the Little Council, and on the 28th the Genevan ministers, in his sick-room; on the 2nd of May he wrote his last letter - to his old comrade Farel, who hastened from Neuchatel to see him once again. Suddenly, men young and old were once again reaching for the beloved fedora. Lingerie of the day once again focused on feminine proportions, and the breast-enhancing bra was born. once and for all phrase. But, like all kinds of traditions and fads, the handy electric can opener that gets installed under the counter has once again made a comeback. THE FIGHT AGAINST THE TORIES Britain is now once again in a period of great class struggle. She rolled her eyes, once again a test subject to the great overlord of the Immortals. Once definition, at one time in the past; formerly: I was a farmer once;a once powerful nation. Yet once again the term has been applied to characterize a whole group of religions, like the Indo-Germanic, which are ultimately founded on the unity of the divine nature in a plurality of divine persons. The rotators caught, pulling them out of the spin, slowed their ascent, then gave out once again. However, with the same supporters in the gallery and an attitude that could not be defeated, the girls were once again victorious ! They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Heat scorched through her and she gasped, fully awake once again. It was to Si-gan Fu that the emperor and dowager empress retreated on the capture of Peking by the allied armies in August 190o; and it was once again constituted the capital of the empire until the following spring when the court returned to Peking, after the conclusion of peace. This attempt floundered in bad weather and the following year the Harriers once again set out from Edale with renewed determination. This once again increased demand for the system and left many new shoppers wondering, where can I purchase a Wii in black? After a call to Fred at Bird Song and the necessary schedule changes, they once again boarded the Jeep for the one-hour ride. This will expand the image so that it will once again have the correct aspect ratio. Once again an official inquiry has spoken of weak management and ill-trained workers. Since these studies were published, U.S. primary care physicians have once again reminded parents of the importance of immunizing their children against mumps and other childhood diseases. After another period of preaching in Italy and watching over the development of the order, Francis once again set out for the East (1219). A late howler from Steve Wilson once again highlighted Lynn's problems between the posts as Folkestone claimed a stoppage time equalizer. At the time of the Marian restoration, Cranmer was once again involved in an academic disputation. This will be done twice: once for the bar in the front of the crib and once again in the back. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Example sentences: " A once famous movie star lives next door. " This year's top ten dog breeds list once again includes four large breeds all known for their intelligence, versatility and ability to be a loving family companion: the Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever and Boxer. She turned and pulled her hair aside to show him the tattoo once again. We have to start at once. After a startling recovery the young rapper once again got to work and caught the attention of Eminem and Dr. Dre, signing with the hip-hop legends in 2000. Open the cover, tho, and Moore once again delivers a tirade worthy of the genre. But there's a danger that once again the reaction will be a knee-jerk pessimism. Though it was much talked about - and had plenty of controversy surrounding it - CBS did NOT pick up Kid Nation for a second season, leaving Bonanza City, New Mexico a ghost town once again. Runtime: 125 minutes Diving once again into the bat world, Joel Schumacher gives audiences a comical view of the Caped Crusader, slipping an additional hero into the mix as well as two new villains to face. It may be supposed that this predilection for casuistry stimulated that spirit which impelled Jewish scholars of the middle ages to study or translate the learning of the Greeks.2 Once again it was - from a modern point of view - old-fashioned 1 The whole subject of Jewish legalism should be compared with Islam, where again law and religion are one; as regards the legal aspect, see the extremely suggestive and instructive study, " The Relations of Law and Religion, the Mosque el-Azhar," by J. A one piece bathing suit can be a great solution that gives you the confidence to hit the water once again. Today the company, now called the Royal Asscher, is once again known as a leading diamond company. "Not with these people," he said, once again the egotistical protector who knew better than her. Lyrically this is once again rather mystifying - references to obscure characters (' Uncle Floyd '? Sensing demons in the upcoming halls, he replaced his hood and stepped from the stairwell leading to the basement into the hall on the main floor. Soon after his arrests in the late 1990's, Downey Jr. once again began repairing his career and personal life. When the weekend arrived we once again went through the turmoil of renting and car and leaving the Big Apple in weekend traffic. Kodak DC25 - Around 1996, Kodak once again produced a digital camera that laid the groundwork for the digital cameras of today. Jule bristled suddenly, the smile disappearing as his face turned predatory once again. Likely line up United will once again start as red-hot favorites, especially with the Addicks squad ravaged by injury. It proves once again that learning low-level Apis in detail is still a good way to learn Windows programming. Her eyes flew up to the guard as she sought to orient herself once again. After good times and hard times and a number of renovations, it is once again a major New England travel hub, second only to Logan Airport where I'd just left my wife Even the iconic clock on the front of the building with its twelve foot face, styled after Big Ben, has been restored and running again. Men are once again wearing hats with just about everything. erupted in national protest once again over the gas issue. Into our time are injected two terminators, one sent once again to attempt to destroy John Connor, and one sent back by John Connor himself to protect his earlier self. The old spirit of independence flickered once again when Owen Glendower marched to Brecon in 1403. Once - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary To intensify the stretch, breathe in once again. Once again the talks have ended in deadlock. She entered the dark, sensual bedroom once again and accepted the necklace with the rough, round red ruby at its center. They were pinned on Czerno, his power once again bending light and dark around him. For the failure of Assyria in Egypt in 668-664, and the revival of Egypt as a phil-Hellene state under the XXVIth Dynasty, admitted strong GraecoEgyptian influences in industry and art, and led about 560 B.C. Cardigan sweaters are popular once again. Still, the little girl inside wanted to believe the magic room had weaved its spell once again. Liz was already sitting there, front row centre among the geeks, yet she seemed to have, Tasks were reallocated, workloads adjusted and we got everything done, The old school and the old school yard land will, This is an ideal opportunity to debate the matter and it is wrong to kick it into touch, He still felt abecedarian structures would be appropriate, resulting in an album that's. As you gain strength, you can attempt the standard push up once again. dissolution of the abbey in March 1540 left him once again without employment. With Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, Jeffrey Nordling, Julia Whelan. once every three days / … While top-end and mid-range are handled well, once again however the lower ends of the sound spectrum are left sadly unplumbed. ; once again Cypriote timber maintained a foreign sea-power in the Levant. "We will discuss matters later," he said once again. A severe diet brought her down to where she was comfortable appearing on Oprah in a bikini, but once again she gained it all back - and then some. But once again misfortune was to attend the attempt. The summary: Once again Mike Myers captures the brilliance of all those classic spy movies to bring us the second Austin Powers movie. Smith does his usual shtick, looking once again the toned and triumphant movie star he is. Tequila really likes to joke about being pregnant (again, most sane people really can't figure that one out), back in May, she also claimed she was once again pregnant. He then sat on the sofa, put his feet up on the overstuffed ottoman and once again congratulated himself on his prowess. I at once decided to help the injured passengers. The dust settled, but things are heating up once again after Washington denied at the Golden Globes' press room that he ever made the comment. You are offline. I once lived in Rome. 2. In relation to the Prime Minister 's security for example, we had underlined once again our concerns. Edith began to cry, but once again wouldn't answer. Westlake was once again off photographing; the Dawkins, in independent pairs, Jeeping somewhere in the mountains, probably spying on one another. I hope you guys are fairing better than me and once again thanks for helping a slightly hysterical female! She admitted wondering more than once what she was doing there. Venturing once again into the magical kingdom of Hyrule, it is time to explore some of the Zelda Wii cheats that are available at your disposal. They are often in good condition and can be very well mended and becoming very silver once again. White-eared Solitaires were once again in evidence and several swallow-tailed kites wheeled gracefully over the clearing. Angelina Jolie's family may be growing once again this summer. The couple issued a statement on January 11, 2007, after rumors began swirling that they were once again on the rocks. This expression is in effect an abbreviation for "one time and for all time." Created by Marshall Herskovitz, Edward Zwick. I want to go there once more. And in Mostly Harmless - "Mostly Harmless" is the total text of the Guide's entry on the planet Earth - Arthur has to once again save the Earth from destruction. Since the front door is bolted up, Henry looks for other means to escape, finding only a man-sized hole that he inevitably climbs through, starting your journey into the once again haunted vision of the Silent Hill series. Boston Rob Mariano returned once again for his fourth shot at the Survivor title. Another word for once again. The duke was at once again offered the post of commander-in-chief, which he accepted on the 17th of August. Placed at the end, "Mary wins the 100 meter dash once again!" In 1999, he once again won the Tour de France. Learn more. Meaning and examples for 'once again' in Spanish-English dictionary. The show follows the actor as she attempts to lose weight once again. If the suicide is successful, the soul will be reincarnated into a lesser life that will lead to almost identical difficulties and hardship that must be faced once again. Opinion: Gretchen Whitmer has failed Michigan seniors once again. Fans that fell in love with Scott Baio during his Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge days will be happy to see Baio returning to the small screen once again. She looked up at him, awed once again by his size. Kiera was hungry and overwhelmed once again. Now auto manufacturers are once again turning to multi-model platforms. He took her face in his hands and drew her to him, kissing her once again. The road remained in the trees and it seemed like hours before he was once again in the open and able to see the valley before him. Let me say this just once. He filled in Fred before the two once again parted. See more. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for but once again from inspiring English sources. Edith shut her eyes and Dean thought for a moment she might once again faint. We must question why the arrests have been accompanied by such drama which once again stirs up fear. The extinction of the western caliphate and the dispersion of the once noble heritage of the Ommayads into numerous petty independent states, had taken place some thirty years previously, so that Castilian and Moslem were once again upon equal terms, the country being almost equally divided between them. Taking place mainly on a space station, the uniforms of the Star Fleet were once again different. SALTEX GOLD FOR GLENDALE Glendale have once again wowed at Saltex. In Christian tradition he even appears as the mystic Antichrist, who was destined to come once again to trouble the saints. Give them a little boost of fertilizer in the spring and perhaps once again in the summer, but do not fertilize after that. The message will once again ring out across the world: Britain does not appease dictators. Candy hearts figure into the fun once again with this steady hand game. When fall arrives, parents know it is time once again to go hunting for homeschool supplies. ‘I was sure I'd done this once, and it appears to have not worked, so I've done it again.’ ‘I'm only going to say this once: there are obviously more stirring things to read in the weeklies.’ ‘But after hearing that he had breached the conditions once in the past the judge decided not to alter where he is to live.’ Unable to sleep, Roza took to wandering the castle aimlessly. clamor for justice and peace by our underdeveloped countries will be ignored once again. He took out key players like Boston Rob Mariano, and ended up in the final three once again. But, by fainting in the middle of the ceremony, I'd once again met a fellow frog enthusiast. Some people also experience dissociation, which means they feel as though they are separate from their own body watching the trauma unfold once again. She visited him once a year. Many believe that if Iraq once again allows inspections it may create a substantial diplomatic obstacle between Bush administration hawks and an Iraqi invasion. Whatever format producers choose to release All My Children in, fans will be thrilled to see old favorites once again. In this game, players once again trek through the three original movies in a gaming environment that took full advantage of the graphical and sound capabilities of the latest gaming consoles. View Comments. In 2008 however, the product was once again marketed under a special program to manage the risks and restrict distribution. 5. Show More Sentences The invitation from Peter Orlovsky provided an opportunity for her to scold Ginsberg once again. In the aftermath of Michael Jackson's sudden death in June of 2009, all things MJ were once again brought into the spotlight, from collectors' item tickets to his now defunct London concert tour to vintage t-shirts and LPs. N.A.W.C. Dog has his own official website, and once again you'll find a link to a contact form. Katie was slower to follow, feeling lightheaded once again. Gather the remaining material and repeat the second step, making one complete term around the waist and tucking the material in once again. This is the British English definition of once again / more.View American English definition of once again / more.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Virtual bowling tournaments are being held at community senior centers and nursing homes as seniors can once again experience the joy of the game. And once more the music resounded. √ 100% FREE. In the 1980s, the style became wildly popular once again as stars such as Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone all sported them on stage, television or film. Taran accepted it, once again unsettled by the darkness clinging to the book. In May 2004 Polly released her seventh album Uh Huh Her, and once again was received with high praise. Jackson was once again struck by how much like a family it felt. He it was who made the peace of Brdmsebro between the Danes and the Swedes, and turned the latter once again against the empire; he it was who sent Lionne to make the peace of Castro, and combine the princes of North Italy against the Spaniards, and who made the peace of Ulm between France and Bavaria, thus detaching the emperor's best ally. Relief and fear unleashed within her, and she was hauled once again to her feet. It was her fifth studio album, Blackout (2007), that once again earned Spears rave reviews. She was brought back once again as one of his suitors. Jessi began laughing, once again not at all certain what she agreed to – or why.