Virtual drive Binary APT Mark Cakewalk Wintel FF Pwn: Gaming term for “own,” indicating that when one player pwns another, he or she has defeated his or her opponent. You can subscribe to the library of full-featured, business proven software for one low price per user. TTS Backward compatibility Propagated error Task pane ImageMagick 33. 18. Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface Crunch Tear-off menu PKZIP Look-and-feel Head clean Runtime, SaaS RequestTTY AutoFormat Podcast: A podcast is any recorded media that can be consumed later and can cover virtually any topic. Export Dialog box launcher GFI Unlimited is a revolutionary way to access network security and communications solutions. The term was originally used to refer to a design pattern gone wrong. Paste Interface Interrupt handler Adobe Premiere Rush Print area 41. Collaboration A program (noun) is executable software that runs on a computer. Autosave Ransomware Authoring software Sc 9. Gnutella Microsoft Bob Tab Mdelete Android Pay 28. Paste special Inkscape Unrecoverable error • Technical Data - Recorded information only - Does not include financial, cost, pricing, management or contract administration data -Includes databases and computer software documentation • Computer Software (FAR 52.277-14) - "Computer programs that compromise a series of instructions, rules, routines, or statements, regardless of the media in which recorded, that allow or cause a computer to perform a specific operation or series of operations;" and - "R… NLS Spyware Which are your favorite? Places bar MSD SharePoint Whatsapp Pr0n: Also spelled with a zero and with intentional shifting of positions, it stands in the place of porn to indicate pornography, and was probably coined as an attempt to get around simple word filters. Radiosity File type LimeWire Serif Therefore, installing new programs or applications on your computer is synonymous with installing new software on your computer. Accelerator Serial file Malvertisement File viewer Bookmark = “Le marque-page” (but also “signet” or “favori” depending on the browsers) 3. Macro recorder Glary Utilities Overrun Version Word: 16 bits of data used to represent a di… Names of many computer terms, especially computer applications, often relate to the function they perform, e.g., a compiler is an application that compiles (programming language source code into the computer's machine language). Autofill UPI ESA Google Lens Free Software Foundation Adobe AIR Off-the-shelf Stuff 49. Embedded Windows Essentials Console tree Skeuomorphism Publisher Mosaic COA If you an Apple user, you already have an iTunes app to listen to episodes. Meanwhile, Disk and Disk Space refer to your system’s Hard Drive, which provides long-term storage for large programs. Log Adobe After Effects Trolling is the verb to define such actions. Automation Much of your interaction with computers involves … 10. Mycroft, Nagware Exit Virtual keyboard A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. 53. Repository Purge The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary contains over 1200 technical terms with easy-to-understand definitions. PC Glossary Definitions of Computer and Internet Terms. Paint brush Installation program Photoshopped Rotoscoping FOSS There are thousands of abbreviations, terms, and words that are associated with computers, we should know, we currently have over 15,000 terms listed in our computer dictionary.However, trying to read every definition would take too much time and not all are going to be related to what you may be interested in learning. WCN Pattern recognition Unicode Open source software AnyDesk 27. NEdit Verbose Failure Try it on some home media streaming devices, as some use that to get into admin mode. Archive attribute Non-interactive There are so many other great candidates for this list. Privmsg Project management software Insert mode Unreal Engine Clean install Business Intelligence (BI) One of the most important IT terms, business intelligence refers … GnuCash You can subscribe to the library of full-featured, business proven software for one low price per user. Soft error Child BMP Subscription: Services like Netflix for televisions and movies and Spotify for music has changed the way we consume entertainment. Tweet: A post to Twitter is called a tweet, and the act of submitting a post is called tweeting. POE Index search Auto restart Today's Computer Word: Word When referring to a word processor, Word is short for Microsoft Word. Our current favorite podcast right now has to be Smashing Security by the great Graham Cluley and the awesome (and writer on this blog) Carole Theriault. Every culture and trade has its own secret language known only to the initiates, but in today’s post we’re going to look at 57 of the oddest/strangest/most obscure terms we use in what, to us, is everyday language. Interchangeable file Virtual PC Our current favorite podcast right now has to be. Dialer Audible Section break OpenAL A user wears earphones, a special pair of gloves, and goggles that create a 3D display. Unload 14. CLSID Our favorite AMA? System restore Floating toolbar Anti-spyware File Push button GameMaker Studio Epic Games Launcher Notes Pages Locked file 13. Architectural design software Task Scheduler Non-linear Ninite Binaries Backup GEM EpocCam Disney+ Toolbox EOL Cache: A set of files saved on your hard disk that help your browser display pages you have already visited more quickly.It displays the files from your hard disk instead of the web. For Example, I have a 160GB hard drive in my computer. 22. Piracy Adware OneNote KiCad ... A popular computer software operating system used on many Internet host systems. Wiki: A backronym was coined to say Wiki stands for “What I Know Is” but it is actually Hawaiian for “quick.”. 39. PowerPoint FileZilla Registry scanner Glob Pad characters Word count Virus File recovery Apparently he had a pretty gnarly smile. Garbage Social media is probably the place full of the most tech vocabulary. Recurse Slide master Crapplet: An applet, usually Java based, that is not worth anything. application integration Computer software technology is an accumulation of information technology, software engineering, and computer science. Archive Stabilizer Sampling rate Narrator Cookies: Small files used to store state from one visit to a next, cookies are also being used to track users and deliver advertising. Rmdir PEBKAC: Another helpdesk acronym that indicates the Problem Exists Between the Chair and the Keyboard, like a CKI error. Short for password fishing, this is a fraudulent practice where private data is captured from attempting to get you to enter in your personal information. All the software testing terms are included in this glossary. Huffman code Parameter-driven Game terms - OS terms - Spreadsheet terms: Top 10 software terms; Software Microsoft Word Spreadsheet Binary Word processor Device driver Tab File Excel SCCM. I felt like it’s slowing me down on my net escapade. In-app purchase Graphic conversion program Mask SmartArt File extension Disable No one buys every song they listen to or movie they watch anymore. 15. Adobe Audition Tick 2. RAR Interactive Spam: We may never have the absolute and authoritative explanation of why junk email is called spam. 50. Video editing software Abort, Ignore, Retry, Fail Replace Calculator Interactive program Internal soft 19. API (application programming interface) a specific method prescribed by a computer operating system or by an application program by which a programmer writing an application program can make requests of the operating system or another application. GUI: A gooey is a Graphical User Interface, and not something that requires hand-sanitizer, but try talking about your GUI around non-techies and see what facial expressions result. Software comprises the entire set of programs, procedures, and routines associated with the operation of a computer system. Vivaldi DOS mode Visio StarOffice Open with HyperCam Virus: In nature, a virus is a primitive life-form that exists only to replicate itself, consuming resources from a host to manufacture more of itself. Android launcher Check box PassMark Chronological Look up definitions of computer and Internet terms. Hash: A hash is a fixed-length numerical value calculated from a variable length amount of data, and can be used to validate the authenticity or to detect tampering with data. 40. GNU Lesser General Public License Filter: In the beginning, a filter was an overlay of a photo that would alter lighting and coloring to improve the picture. It is similar to a script , but is often much larger in size and does not require a scripting engine to run. Stop On Instagram, you can use up to 30 to help improve your standings. Discord It is intangible in nature. Upgrade This is not the tools you buy at the local hardware store as this basic computer terminology is all about computers! Soft copy Digital sort Fc Screen sharing Binary License Pursuing a computer software technology degree at The University of Arizona Global Campus will give you the opportunity to explore these various aspects of the software technology industry. Fetch Widget Troll: Like the humanoid that lives under bridges and preys upon the weak and innocent, trolls lurk in discussion groups or on social media websites and live only to post inflammatory statements or to ridicule and deride others. Setup Disaster recovery 11. Plaintext Dxdiag, Easter egg Software = “Un logiciel” 4. CKI: Refers to an error in the Chair Keyboard Interface. Foistware Remotehelp SaaS ERP Cave story Import 57. Language translation program XMPP File = “le fichier” 2. FUBAR: From an old military jargon term, this means “Fouled Up Beyond All Repair,” or at least close enough to that so my editor won’t get mad at me. Compatible DAW Recent If there’s a way to shorten a phrase, we’ll take it. Emoji: another word for emoticon, it’s those little smiley faces, frowning faces, tables, etc. Graphics program Rename Erase Microsoft Word Oracle Beehive PKUNZIP Mouse grid Dependence Orphan file Compare GIS MPEG2 Geocaching software Xirc 52. Cobot WireGuard Canned software Irfanview However, there are other terms with less obvious origins, which are of etymological interest. Data processing LMS @WholeWhale's 47 terms to know when working with a developer. Scroll box Robustness In general, a word is a single element of verbal communication with a … Workaround Enable Adobe Portfolio Undelete FLV encoder Photoscape Target Essential Home Notepad Offset Linear search HyperTerminal Most of the time, the French equivalent is just a literal translation of the English term. Crop Office 365 You can find them on all kinds of outlets. Spin box Unzip Closed file Here’s three that are cropping up in everyday conversation. Kludge: A poorly programmed piece of software, a piece of hardware cobbled together from spare parts, or a project plan created by someone with no real experience with the task at hand. Logic Pro Contextual tab CorelDRAW It has to be this one with Dr. Jane Goodall. You can even buy mice that look like mice. Constructor Intermittent error Entry Release Platform Browse; Quizzes; Help; Dark; TechTerms The Computer Dictionary. Public domain software Excel Archival backup ActiveSync Conditional formatting Adobe Premiere Pro KOS: From gaming, it stands for Kill On Site and can also be used to indicate data to be deleted or hardware to be retired. Spreadsheet Wd Graphic design 17. App 2021. Corrupt iTunes In order to avoid the ambiguities in different software testing terms I am enclosing a software testing glossary here. Test tn3270 45. Reliability Monitor BTW, the rest of the term are very basic, so yeah, we all should know it. Unbundled WFP If you an Apple user, you already have an iTunes app to listen to episodes. ISAM Wrap text Skinz VisiCalc Viewport Click To Tweet. Runs on Microsoft Teams Malware Translator Compositor Scale 51. Photo manipulation program Bells and whistles AVI, Back Nudge Digital audio workstation Slide pane Antivirus Dead Set COMPOUND NOUNS IN COMPUTER SOFTWARE TECHNICAL TERMS @inproceedings{Indarto2015COMPOUNDNI, title={COMPOUND NOUNS IN COMPUTER SOFTWARE TECHNICAL TERMS}, author={Jefry Aris Indarto and … Houseparty Text cursor SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fouled Up, or close enough you get the gist. GNU Byte: eight bits strung together to represent a specific value such as a letter or a digit. Android Beam Recoverable error Commercial software And to Reboot your system is to interrupt the system power for a moment through either software or hardware to force the system to restart completely.. Internet and Email Technical Terms. Admins mentioning “pass the hash” want neither a potato and meat dish, nor do they live in Colorado. Clippy Status bar Restore Hive Skip SourceForge Cloud: A common shorthand for a provided cloud computing services (or even an aggregation of all existing cloud services) is “The Cloud”. Update Save Unpack Native file format The history of computer development is a computer science topic that is often used to reference the different generations of computing devices. Software publishing OpenOffice MFA Contrast DIMM. Subscription: Services like Netflix for televisions and movies and Spotify for music has changed the way we consume entertainment. Powerwash Mdir Bootleg PaintTool SAI Spreadsheet Put Multitasking #LetsGetToIt. Kill Critical error Delay SNAFUs can be one word status reports, sit-reps, or responses to “sup?”. PID SaaS BI Also, it is a set of computer files which are used to perform various actions on the computer. AMA: Ask Me Anything, from the popular Reddit forum’s interviews with celebrities and others of note. software Any computer program or other kind of information that can be read and/or written by a computer. Application Quick Parts Global False positive External sort Shovelware Pin Incremental backup Policeware N00b: Spelled with zeroes, it indicates a relative newcomer or someone lacking experience. Compress Frozen Rockstar Games Launcher Recv Sea Dead Tree: A paper printout of an electronic file; frequently done single-sided and in color. Popularized by Snapchat, flower headbands and dog ears are now able to be superimposed on our faces for a laugh. 35. Snapchat MPC-HC Slide Windows Media Player PDF Painter Integrated software Fault Apex Legends Cancel OmniGraffle Here are the terms from programming and software that are used when talking about software. These can require a very unlikely series of keystrokes, mouse clicks, cheat codes, etc. Black box Insert The first, smallest piece seems like it was self-evident, and the rest naturally follow.1. STP Tab selector PS: this is an updated post which was originally published 2 years ago. Expression Web File Redo Typeahead, UL Guiltware Volume licensing Raw data TWAIN: a standard for hardware interoperability, this was originally a type of technology without an interesting name, until someone was inspired by Rudyard Kipling to borrow from the Ballad of East and West, since it seemed that “…never the twain shall meet.”. Krita, LAME Deepfake Nextcloud Information MRP MRUD Program logic Path When we talked about data above, we only mentioned those terms that apply to small representations of data. One UI Apple Music Bandicam PEGI 29. Dribbleware LXTerminal, Machine dependency Word processor = “un traitement de texte” 8. Move Adobe Creative Cloud January. Error code For example: 1. Nibble: a half byte, or 4 bits.5. Techopedia has one of the web's most comprehensive computer dictionaries. Warez: All 1337 speakerz replace the letter S with Z, use pidgin grammar, and shorten wordz, so “warez” is short for “softwares” and refers to ill-gotten gains, either pirated, cracked or being used with a key code to circumvent licensing requirements. Data deduplication Front end Internet Terms Hardware Terms Software Terms Technical Terms File Formats Bits and Bytes Tech Acronyms