There are two ways of living, in life and on expeditions: pre-joy or joy. Every single moment of your life you have joy. It could be pre-joy: 100 mph winds, rock fall that scares the crap out of you. It's still joy.
Mike Libecki

Joy Reports

Desert Southwest Climbing

A goal of the trip, from the beginning for me has been to climb at some of the classic sandstone climbing-Mecca destinations in the desert southwest. We happened upon Indian Creek by surprise last fall, but were pushed out by weather. Similarly, we had been thwarted by weather when we […]

Coyote Gulch Overnight

Ed Note: A shorter version of this appeared as a guest post on Bedrock Sandals’  blog! Sometimes you need that weekend getaway trip – the one that rejuvenates and recharges you, and prepares you for another week. It turns out you need those weekend trips even when you live in […]

Bedrock Sandals Review

Waayyy back in September (2015), on our first visit to San Francisco, we took a day trip to Richmond, CA. Our friend Gen (of YAMA gear) had recommended a some minimalist footwear that we thought we’d try. We arrived at Bedrock’s new manufacturing location to try on their sandals.  The […]

Big Sur

After our WFR course came to an end in mid-April, I craved an escape from the desert.  We had no plans for May or June, but I was feeling ready to leave the red rocks, sand, and cactuses that formed our environment for much of March, April, and parts of […]

Mojave: Playing in the sand

After our Wilderness First Responder course in Moab, we returned to Zion with newfound WFR friend and new #homeiswhereyouparkit lifestyle compadre Allison. She and I ran part of the Zion Traverse in a day. We went from the west end at Lee Pass to Zion Canyon, tagging Angel’s Landing on […]

Wilderness First Responders!

I’m covered ankle to waist in red mud over my jeans and shirt. I spent all afternoon pulling patients out of a calf-deep creek, then kneeling in the mud to work on taking vitals and treating insults & injuries. Okay, not a real patient, but rather a scenario in my 10-day Wilderness […]

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